Michel Sabard

Architect, doctor in urban planning, Assistant Director in the section “Architecture, environment, sustainable development” at the ENSAPLV University, research instructor. As an architect, conceived and realized numerous urban development, construction and rehabilitation projects in France and abroad. As an instructor, was Director of the GEPA involved in continued permanent education for architects; developed program content prospectus and trained the potential instructors. Since 2000, in association with Pierre Lefevre (above), conceived the content and taught in the section “high quality engineering and environmental architecture” for practicing architects. As a consultant, his experience in the area of sustainable development was forged through multiple research contracts on behalf of public organizations, semi-public and private organizations (ex. PUCA, Regional Councils, DRAC, Universities, Institutions …) As an expert, Mr. Sabard has actively participated in numerous seminars and served as an editor in a number of professional reviews. He is responsible for France for the “CARRE BLEU“, an architectural newsletter.


Francoise Hartmann-Sabard

Educated in economics, management and organizations. Responsible for marketing and development within several private organizations in the following specialties: mode, information technology/distribution, and plastic materials (market launch of biodegradability process) and within the NGO “F.F.N.E” (French Funds for Nature and Environment). Since 2000, collaborate with Michel Sabard and Pierre Lefevre in the realization and organization of professional education and foreign research trips for practicing architects. As consultant : has created and implemented a sustainable development educational program for pre-school and primary students. Pilot project for a Parisian school. Publications : co-author of a CD ROM entitled “Practice Sustainable Development within your organization” Participated in the conception and launch of the magazine “EKWO“, aimed at 18 -25 year olds and focusing on raising awareness about sustainable development. Managing Director of SCORE 2D since its formation.