Based on the experience of Pierre Lefèvre, Michel and Françoise Sabard, motivated by their desire to create a place of knowledge in the fields of urban planning and architecture, the cooperative company SCORE 2D was founded in 2005 to change the paradigms of human living.

More than 20 years of activity have convinced the founders that there is no ready-to-use recipe and that it is necessary to revisit our attainments to build the cities of tomorrow.

Score2d keeps facing up its knowledge to reality through consultancy to project owners and contractors, and makes it circulate through intra and inter-enterprise trainings designed for professionals.


Chemin Saint-Pierre, 14800 Touques, France
téléphone : 33 (0)2 31 81 24 68

SARL Coopérative
au capital minimum de 5.000€
SIRET 484 515 036 00032 – 7490 B
TVA intercommunautaire : FR 23484515036
N° de déclaration en tant que organisme de formation
/Training registration number : 11 94 07158 94